Battle City Mission Winner Annoucment

2 minute read Published:

Unusual mission brought to you by firemark - results!
0x00 Well done agents! The mission is now over! I repeat: The mission is now over! If you are not familiar with missions - they are CTF-like challenges or code golfs published at the end of the Gynvael’s livestream. Mission number 25 was pretty special. It was brought to us by firemark, whom you might recall from our IRC channel The task was to create a bot firmware (probably simplyfied AI program) and win THEEEEEE BIIIIIIIG BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT BATTLE!

EN: Gynvael's Mission 016

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My task I wasn’t in a hurry to accomplish mission no. 016 (in decimal), because I’m an author of this mess ;) So in this post I will show “my intended solution”. Before we begin, I want to give a huge shoutout to my IRC mate, who have told me a lot about a SSTV and a ham radio. This inspired me to create this mission. Kudos to @fishcake! The rating of this mission was done by @Gynvael.