EN: Hacking VulnHub Machine - Pinky's Palace I

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But we are Poles and we are not afraid of dictionary attacks A funny quote from the Internet 0x00 Gooood moooornnnnin’ Internetnam! After a looooong time, I’ve finally managed to spend some time on writing. There is more to go, but for now - let’s dive into VulnHub VM - our target today is a well known Pinky’s Palace I by Pink_Panther. By the way I also recommend his OSCP failing post, that shows why failing is not the end of the world, but the beginning of the journey!

EN: Gynvael's Mission 016

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My task I wasn’t in a hurry to accomplish mission no. 016 (in decimal), because I’m an author of this mess ;) So in this post I will show “my intended solution”. Before we begin, I want to give a huge shoutout to my IRC mate, who have told me a lot about a SSTV and a ham radio. This inspired me to create this mission. Kudos to @fishcake! The rating of this mission was done by @Gynvael.

EN: Gynvaels Mission EN015

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Task A stream number 34 was about implementing some basic stuff of a CHIP-8 virtual machine. The ending screen contains ofcoruse a mission! MISSION 015 goo.gl/JKN1Zq DIFFICULTY: █████░░░░░ [5╱10] ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ One of our operatives managed to find an information leak vulnerability on an internal website of a hostile syndicate. The vulnerability itself is quite amusing, as it allows to leak any file on the FS in form of a bar chart.

EN: Gynvael's Mission EN009 && radare2 struggle

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So this is the way blogging looks like… :) 0x00: MISSION 009 AGENDA If you are watching Gynvael’s EN streams, you know what it’s all about. After every stream, Gynvael is publishing one mission aka easy CTF task. And here is my “writeup-wannabe” for challenge number 009. Honestly that was the hardest challenge made by Gynvael. I love it, and wait for more! TASK: Welcome back agent 1336.