0x00 Well done agents!

The mission is now over! I repeat: The mission is now over!

If you are not familiar with missions - they are CTF-like challenges or code golfs published at the end of the Gynvael’s livestream. Mission number 25 was pretty special. It was brought to us by firemark, whom you might recall from our IRC channel

The task was to create a bot firmware (probably simplyfied AI program) and win THEEEEEE BIIIIIIIG BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT BATTLE! - something like a classical Battle City/Tank 1990.

The mission was announced here and appeared after every livestream on both of Gynvael’s channels during December. For more info and rules, check out this link.

So, it wasn’t a typical security challenge…

0x01 Speaking of security…

Let's meet our sponsor! (Linus advertisment style!)

This unusual mission had prizes, for top3 places: iCE40HX8K FPGA boards and a trophy/cup. Brought to us by Gynvael!


0x02 Drum roll intensifies

At the deadline only one successful solution emarged, written by James Anton. His bot managed to score the highest number of points during our tests with the example bot and survived on the battlefield for quite some time proving itself a worthy challenger. Congratulations James, the first place is yours!

The winner

The winner will be contacted via e-mail.

Thanks for joining our competition!

See you on the Internet!